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Irikon™ flash memory is the world's first flash memory implementing iris authentication and ensures that the confidential data in the flash memory is secured by the iris authentication process. No one other than the pre-registered user can access the data within the flash memory without taking the iris authentication process. Users do not need to recall passwords but simply gaze into the iris camera on the flash memory to activate.

Irikon™hard disk drive will be available in future, too.

Key Features
Technical Specifications
Luxurious design and excellent portability
Fast and accurate operation by iris authentication
User registration for up to 20 Iris templates
   (256-bit iris template encryption)
Easy to use : Plug and Play via USB port
Available flash memory capacity : 1GB
Power recharged via USB port
    Recognition Time     2 sec. or less
    Max Registration data     20 irises
    Eye image capturing range     5Cm
    USB interface     USB v 1.1 and above
    Input power     Rechargeable battery &
    USB power
    30(D) x 89(W) x 13(H)mm
    Operating temperature
    -5 ~ 40'C
    Operating humidity     20 ~ 95%
    False Rejection Rate(FRR)     0.1% (1/1,000)
    False Acceptance Rate(FAR)     0.000083% (1/1,200,000)


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